Tired of Applying for so Many Jobs but Not Hearing Back? Your Resume Might Be The Problem…

Solid resumes have the basics; reverse chronological order, no misspells, and a clean format. But that’s not going to land you the best job…the job that pays you what you deserve.

But your perfect resume will get past ATS filters (that block out 75% of resumes submitted), land in the hands of hiring managers, have recruiters emailing and calling you, and help you land a great career that pays you well.

You DON’T need an expensive resume writer—all you need is a proven technique and a path to follow. Don’t (literally) buy into the hype—this resume guide is all you need for your perfect resume.

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SalaryMatters – The Complete Resume Package will:
  • Give you EVERYTHING (including an ATS optimized resume template—the same one I use today) you need to make the perfect resume that you can use for years (I’m still using the same resume format that got me several promotions and 245% increase in salary)
  • Give you 50+, pre-written, customizable resume sentences! It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet for resume sentences—take what you like
  • Make it past employer Application Tracking Systems (ATS)—the evil robots that filter out 75% of resumes that get submitted for job openings
  • Entice hiring managers, and recruiters to call and email you to set up interviews
  • Identify and avoid the mistakes that sabotage almost everyone’s resume
  • Bonus: The SalaryMatters—Resume Final Checklist which will bulletproof your resume before you send it out. Trust me, it’s a must!
  • Help you land a career that gives you the salary that you deserve!

Click To Access The SalaryMatters Complete Resume Guide For Just $197.

You Can Review Your Order Before You Hit Submit.
Product Description: In as little as six hours, your personalized, professional, new career landing resume can be FINISHED from scratch!
  • Includes the following Resources:
The SalaryMatters – Resume Personalization Worksheet: Personalizes your resume by documenting the activities, commons terms, deliverables, and accomplishments for each career you’ve held. 1.5 hrs.

The SalaryMatters – Resume Keyword Phrase Optimizer: 75% of resumes submitted are never seen by an actual human! This exercise will get your resume past Application Tracking Systems (ATS) or as I call them, “the evil resume bots” and into the hands of the hiring manager. 1 hr.

The SalaryMatters – Resume Plug-N-Play: Writing great sentences for your resume is the most time-consuming part of creating a great resume. Well, we’ve taken the hardest part of the resume creation process and made it ridiculously simple by providing 50+, pre-written, customizable resume sentences—it’s more than enough.  2hrs.

The SalaryMatters – Resume Keyword Phrase Mixer: This simple step-by-step process shows you how to insert the keyword phrases into those amazing resume sentences to create your perfect, personalized resume. 1 hr.

The SalaryMatters – Resume Final Checklist: A simple, step-by-step process that makes you avoid the mistakes that everyone else makes and ensures that you make your perfect resume. 30 mins.

  • Includes 3 downloadable worksheets:
The SalaryMatters – Resume Personalization Worksheet

The SalaryMatters – Resume Plugins

Resume Keyword Phrase Optimizer Worksheet

  • Includes The SalaryMatters – Ideal Resume Format: 
The only resume format you’ll need and it’s already optimized to get past ATS systems. It’s literally Steele Champion’s resume (with all of his info removed) format that landed him three promotions in five years and a 245% increase in salary.
  • Includes Steele Champion’s ACTUAL Resume:
Use it as a reference as you build your perfect resume.
  • Instant access after purchase
  • Unlimited access FOREVER: no gimmicky 30-day access bullcrap, you paid for it so it’s yours forever.
  • Access to future updates: Improvements and additions will be made to this package and you’ll have access to all of them—forever.
  • Published by: Steele Champion, Founder, SalaryMatters
  • Language: English

Click To Access The SalaryMatters Complete Resume Guide For Just $197.

You Can Review Your Order Before You Hit Submit.

Helping Corporate Workers Along the Way...

He is encouraging, positive, and most of all, he cares.

"Steele helped me beef up my resume in the most precise way possible. He showed me that it's the little details that count. It's amazing how changing a few words and moving some points around can do SO MUCH. He also helped me realize that I have more value than I think I have. "put that on your resume!" he told me. He is encouraging, positive, and most of all, he cares."
- Ahmed A.

Steele helped me get a 45% raise!

"Steele's principles enabled me to achieve what I initially thought was impossible.  By learning his techniques for resume building and how to handle tough interviews, I was able to impress my new employers with what I had to offer, and it landed me the job opportunity I was looking for. Then, when it came to negotiating my new salary, his techniques and encouragement allowed me to achieve a nearly 45% raise from where I was currently.  By using Steele's techniques Salary Matters, I was able to achieve my dream of making a six figure salary!"
- Chris Z.